Let's Create...

a product that costs $1.50 to make and saves the company $40,000 a week.

Let's Create...

a community that can work together to secure one billion dollars for economic development.

Buffalo Billion

Let's Create...

a way to save the company $21,000 tonight using something we learned this morning.


Let's Create...

a solution to a problem in 15 minutes that plagued our company for 70 years.


Let's Create...

a way to help our 6-year-old daughter overcome her fear of the dentist.

Meet Roger Firestien

“You can wait for the idea or you can create the idea. I help you birth great ideas. “

Dr. Roger Firestien has trained more people to lead the creative process than anyone else in the world.

Let’s Create A Connection

Roger can come to you, or if you are in Buffalo New York, take in a course in the Learning Lab at the i4 Studio – Buffalo’s Idea Lab or enroll in the graduate program in Creative Studies at the world renowned International Center for Studies in Creativity.

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