Unleashing the Power of Creativity

Creativity is essential for survival, growth, and sharpening your competitive edge. In this interactive program you will experience proven techniques to become deliberately creative–skills you will apply immediately.

We are all creative. The difference between those people who consistently make their ideas work and those who say, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” is their ability to make creativity happen instead of leaving it to chance. By taking control of your creative ability, you can begin to turn problems into opportunities, develop more options, enhance learning, increase profits, and work together more effectively as a team.

Unleashing the Power of Creativity

Key points include:

  • Exercises to warm up your mental muscles
  • How to use critical thinking rather than criticism to stimulate good ideas
  • Cutting-edge research on creativity and innovation: what works, what doesn’t
  • Strategies for developing a climate for creativity and innovation
  • Applications of creativity in business, education, health care, human services, and life.

You will leave this program knowing how to take control of your creative ability, turn problems into opportunities, develop more options, and increase profits both personally and professionally.

Duration: A 1 hour keynote address by Dr. Firestien or a 3.5 hour workshop.

Group Size: Up to 2,000.

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Creative Problem Solving Basics

Creative Problem Solving Basics

In this interactive program, participants will learn the Creative Problem Solving process and how to apply it in order to solve actual problems that they encounter in their professional or personal life.

This program has been delivered internationally to train existing work groups as well as entire divisions and organizations. The results have exceeded our clients’ expectations in terms of financial gain, increased productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

Key program benefits include:

  • Enhancing participants’ skills to increase the creative productivity of the whole organization
  • Becoming aware of how individual’s problem solving preferences can enhance or inhibit team effectiveness
  • Shortening the amount of time it takes to solve problems and implement solutions by adopting a deliberate problem solving process
  • Clarifying the proper problem
  • Generating and effectively evaluating ideas in groups
  • Building ideas for action and successful implementation
  • Adopting a common process and language by which teams can solve problems and create breakthroughs.

You will leave this program with experience in applying the Creative Problem Solving process and action plans for challenges you bring to the program. Duration: Two days–approximately sixteen hours. Group Size: Up to 24

What Is Creative Problem Solving?