Leading on the Creative Edge™ 

The organizations that will thrive over time are not the ones with the deepest pockets, but the ones that unleash and apply the creativity of their workforce.

Key points include:

  • How leaders can play a vital role in developing a work environment that promotes creativity
  • How mistakes can actually stimulate innovation
  • How to make a habit of being creative
  • How to encourage the creative contributions of everyone in your organization

Duration: 1-hour keynote address by Dr. Firestien or a 3.5 hour workshop.

Group Size: Up to 2,000

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Leading Innovation Teams

This program builds on the “Unleashing the Power of Creativity TM: Creative Problem Solving Basics” program. It is for managers/supervisors/team leaders who have been identified as Creative Problem Solving “champions.”

Whether you lead a multi-million dollar corporation, help a volunteer group, coach Little League, teach in a classroom, or work for a non-profit organization, this program will provide you with the cutting-edge research and crucial information you need to take your leadership (and creativity) to a new level.
During the program, participants lead Creative Problem Solving groups to tackle real organizational challenges that require group input.

Key points include:

  • More effective and efficient leadership of Creative Problem Solving groups and teams
  • Increased proficiency in working with teams on major challenges to solve them efficiently and effectively, thereby increasing the organization’s speed of implementing changes
  • Greater ability to model appropriate behavior to foster and nurture creativity
  • Enhanced skill in using additional creativity techniques with groups to help them generate and evaluate ideas effectively
  • Improved leadership to resolve organizational problems More effective use of group meeting time
  • Improved leadership skills

Duration: Three days with two follow-up days (one follow-up day conducted three months after the initial training and one six months after the initial training).
Group size: Up to 8.