Roger’s TEDx Omaha Talk

Roger Firestien gave a talk at the virtual TEDx Omaha event on February 18, 2021

The theme of TEDx Omaha 2021 was IGNITE.

tedx omaha

Details about Roger’s TedX Talk:

Dr. Firestien will be taking the stage along with a powerful lineup of inspiring leaders. Dr. Brenda Hopkins Miranda will ignite a conversation about the magic of music to process grief in love and life; Dr. Pat Friman will ignite a conversation around compassion, and Dr. Jasmine Marcelin will ignite a conversation about our responsibilities to public health.

Roger’s talk will challenge the conventional wisdom that creativity is the act of coming up with a great idea.  He will show that the key to creativity is actually solving the right problem.

In his 40 years in the creativity field, Roger has discovered that about 99% of the time what we think is the problem, is NOT the problem. He will reveal the dangers of accepting our first impression of what we think is the challenge we’re facing.

He will show how a breakthrough study on heart attack victims saved countless lives as doctors discovered they’d been treating the WRONG problem.

He will demonstrate how the language we use to describe a problem can destroy creative solutions. Roger will provide ways we can use language to ignite our creativity instead.

We will see a real-life Creative Problem-Solving session, as an entrepreneur discovers what is really getting in the way of her success.

You will leave this evening with specific practices to discover your true problems and how to then IGNITE and inspire possibilities for resolving them.

The TEDXOmaha team can’t wait to share these inspiring presentations. Mark your calendars and please join us!

Get tickets here. See you there!


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