You need big ideas
and you need them now

Roger has transformed the way our Innovation Team approaches the creative process when it comes to new product ideation. He has opened our eyes on how to harness inspiration in practical, applicable ways.

Kim Tai, Brand Manager of Innovation | Hero Cosmetics

Roger Firestien helps companies be more competitive by teaching their people to be more innovative.

And it’s not touchy-feely stuff. Roger helped Clorox solve a 77-year-old problem in 15 minutes and helped save General Motors $50,000 per week.

Whether your team is stuck, needs new ideas, or just wants to work better – you’ve come to the right place. Roger’s Creative Problem-Solving process breaks down tough problems into bite-sized pieces, and provides a proven framework for creating spot-on solutions that work.

Get results in dollars earned, time saved and goals reached.

Breakthrough Labs

Discover the real problem preventing you from moving forward. Then get hundreds of ideas to solve it.

The Breakthrough Lab is for when you need breakthrough ideas, you need them fast and you need lots of them. Dr. Firestien’s broad network of “creative catalysts” makes it the only program of its kind in the world.

Mastering Creativity Course

Discovering Breakthrough Solutions Fast

When yesterday’s solutions no longer work and you don’t know what else to do – creativity is the only way forward.

You can learn to be deliberately creative!

In this live, in-person course, you will be instructed by Dr. Roger Firestien, who has presented programs on Creative Problem-Solving to over 600 organizations around the world including corporations, government agencies, universities, associations, and religious institutions.

Keynotes by Roger

Unleash the power of your creativity.

Inspire your team to become deliberately creative.

In his highly interactive keynote addresses you will experience how to take control of your creative ability, solve the REAL problem that is standing in your way, generate more ideas than you have ever imagined and begin to create a culture of creativity in your organization.

Learning programs

Innovation on demand.

Global organizations can now access a nine-part innovation video training series produced by Dr. Roger Firestien.

Each 5-7 minute course uses real-life examples from business, medicine, education, agriculture, or nature, and includes interactive exercises to apply innovation concepts in your life.

Offered exclusively through OpenSesame, the e-learning innovator.


To Get Better Ideas, Solve the Real Problem

Innovation is not coming up with a great idea. The key to creativity is solving the right problem.

from $9.99 per seat


To Create Breakthroughs, Make Connections

What do you do when you run out of ideas and you need a breakthrough? Deliberately connect things that are not typically considered connected.

from $9.99 per seat

Why Innovate? When the Rules Change, Creativity Is King

What happens when the world changes unexpectedly, and you’re scrambling to solve problems you never anticipated?

from $9.99 per seat


Take an Excursion – Create a Breakthrough

The "aha!”, the Eureka - that moment when the solution hits us. The key? Get away from the problem.

from $9.99 per seat

Books by Roger Firestien

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A short story shedding an eye-opening light on our classic approaches to work and problem solving.

Create in a Flash

A book for leaders who know that to grow their organizations, they need to generate ideas and solutions on demand.

Solve the Real Problem

Redefining the problem saved thousands of heart attack victims, and saved the airlines over a billion dollars. Learn the simple approach for yourself.

Let’s Create A Connection

Send an email to Roger with questions and your comments.