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Innovation In Medicine with Dr. Robert Gatewood

Innovation In Medicine with Dr. Robert Gatewood

Meet Dr. Robert Gatewood. Robert is board certified in Cardiovascular Diseases and Internal Medicine, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo; author of more than 50 presentations and co-author of two books. Dr. Gatewood took one of my Creativity courses at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State.

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Innovation In Medicine
with Dr. Robert Gatewood hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

A Review of the Effectiveness of CPS Training: A Focus on Workplace Issues

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History of Creative Problem Solving
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Don’t be a slug. Read weird stuff.

  A number of years ago, Dr. Donna Hamlin at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute did a study on the reading habits of scientists. She grouped the scientists into three categories. The first group was labeled “innovative”; these scientists exhibited the highest...

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Find Your Creative Space

If you want to be creative, you need to find your creative space. Have you ever walked into a place, rubbed your hands together and said to yourself, “I could really do some great work here?” Artists and musicians have studios, craftsmen have workshops, professors and...

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We Have Been Misquoting Darwin for Years

His quote was not, "The survival of the fittest." Darwin actually used the words, "The survival of the best fit." Question: How are you making yourself the “best fit” for survival? How are you being the most responsive to change? As told to me by Dr. Laree Kiely...

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Solve the Right Problem

“I would spend the first fifty-five minutes identifying the problem and the last five minutes solving it.” Albert Einstein was once asked, “If some imminent disaster threatened the world and you had one hour in which you knew you could save it, how would you spend...

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The Power of Incubation

While in the shower:2% Washing8% Singing90% SOLVING PROBLEMS The classic view of creativity is that an idea comes to us after we have been working on a problem for a long time, have made  little or no progress and then we step away from the problem and...

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i4 Studio in The Buffalo News

Hey gang!  Did you happen to see the i4 Studio piece in The Buffalo News this week? There's a nice article that talks about how the i4 Studio is the first "idea lab" of it's kind in Buffalo, and includes information about upcoming events.  Take a few moments to read...

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Reduce Risk with Creativity

“Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” —Helen Keller Some of the most notable creative people in the world share one hallmark. They are risk takers. But, the problem with taking risks is the naysayers that surround them....

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