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Fort Collins Innovates

Fort Collins Innovates

As a native Coloradoan, it was my honor to deliver the keynote address and facilitate an innovation session for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado on September 28. The group generated thousands of ideas for dealing with issues of affordability and growth in Fort...

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  • What is Creative Problem Solving?

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  • History of Creative Problem Solving

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Find Your Creative Space

If you want to be creative, you need to find your creative space. Have you ever walked into a place, rubbed your hands together and said to yourself, “I could really do some great work here?” Artists and musicians have studios, craftsmen have workshops, professors and...

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We Have Been Misquoting Darwin for Years

His quote was not, "The survival of the fittest." Darwin actually used the words, "The survival of the best fit." Question: How are you making yourself the “best fit” for survival? How are you being the most responsive to change? As told to me by Dr. Laree Kiely...

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Solve the Right Problem

“I would spend the first fifty-five minutes identifying the problem and the last five minutes solving it.” Albert Einstein was once asked, “If some imminent disaster threatened the world and you had one hour in which you knew you could save it, how would you spend...

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