Cast Polymer Radio: A Leader’s Recipe for Breakthrough Innovation

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Episode 98: A Leader’s Recipe for Breakthrough Innovation

Creativity starts at the top in companies, trickling down through the organization as a result of leaders generating creative ideas and facilitating the Creative Problem Solving process. If you want employees to be creative, then you, as an executive, need to be creative yourself, which I spoke about on a Cast Polymer Radio appearance — discussing how to generate winning ideas on demand, as well as the importance of coming up with innovative and breakthrough ideas in the workplace.

“Innovative thinking is not something that can be mandated or delegated, so leaders must first develop their own creative ability before leading their organizations to create breakthroughs.”

Some people say that they can’t afford to be creative, but the bottom line is that you can’t afford to not be creative. Don’t judge ideas when they’re first generated and don’t talk about what’s wrong with them, but instead keep generating more and forcing connections. Maybe the best ideas will come to you while you’re driving, exercising, falling asleep or taking a shower. If not, try taking a different route to work or breaking up some of your traditional routines.

“Creative ideas are always out there for us all the time. We just have to see them, we just have to recognize them, we just have to make connections between the things that we’re working on. And then when we come out, just not judge them.”




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