Creativity and Education: Create in a Flash

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Smile and be surprised turning the pages.

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Cyndi Burnett of Creativity and Education, and below is a snippet of that article.

When I talked to my dad a few weeks after I had sent the book, I asked him how he liked it. “Well, I read the first twenty pages and it was pretty good,” he said. “Then I fell asleep. Where are the pictures?”


After I published my second book, Leading on the Creative Edge, in 1997, I sent a copy to my mom and dad in Colorado. It was hard-bound, with a book jacket and was published by a great publisher. I was really proud of that book.

You see, my Dad was a farmer, and he was a visual thinker. He could plant cornrows so straight that a good archer could shoot an arrow straight down a row and not hit a single blade of corn.

So when the time came for my next book in Sept. 2018, I used that great piece of advice I got 20 years earlier to write Create in a Flash: A leader’s recipe for breakthrough innovation. 

I wrote short chapters with lots of full-color pictures, something to keep the readers smiling and surprised when they turned the pages.

When you read this book, you can use it in a few different ways: You can read it from cover to cover (and those pictures mean you won’t get bored), you can use it as a text for a class or training program in combination with the videos and PDFs, or, if you just need some inspiration, you can open the book and read a few pages of “FYI.”

I didn’t want Create in a Flash to be another training manual. I’d already done that, and this was supposed to be something different.


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