Help us make sure that creativity doesn’t get a bad name

I travel on airplanes a lot. You know the airplane routine.

You settle into your seat.

The plane takes off and the person next to you strikes up a conversation. For me it goes like this.

Passenger in seat 4A: “So, what do you do?”

Me in 4c: “I’m a creativity consultant.”

4A: The person usually frowns.

“A creativity consultant, really? Oh, I’m not creative. So, you must be an artist. Do you teach basket weaving?”

Me in 4C: Arugh….

Same scene. Different trip.

Different answer from me.

Passenger in 4A: “So, what do you do?”

Me in 4c: “I’m an innovation consultant.”

I watch 4A sit up a little straighter in his seat.

“Innovation consultant! Innovation is very important. Our business has innovation in our core values. Innovation is in our vision statement. We love innovation.”

It never fails. People value innovation, but they’re not so sure about this creativity stuff.

But here’s the thing. That’s like saying; “I want to bake a cake but I’m not so sure about this flour stuff.”

There is no innovation without creativity.

Creativity is the spark that ignites innovation.

We need your help. As many of you know I am in the process of completing my fifth book, Create in a Flash: A leader’s recipe for breakthrough innovation.

The cover of the book (very important!) is our current challenge. We’re striving to shout ‘Innovation!’ with the imagery – but aren’t sure we want to use classic innovation icons like light bulbs or a rocket. After all, we’re writing a book about working outside the box!

Enter, the Create in a Flash Great Big Brainstorm Contest. Enter the contest by answering the questions below and help us out!

Tell us what you think. If we pick your idea you will get two free copies of the book. For everyone who enters, you will get 25% off the book when it is released.

The contest ends July 30, so get those thinking caps on.

And, come party! Please join me for the official book launch of Create in a Flash in September at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Details below. I’d love to see you there!

Party in a Flash

September 19, 2019
Buffalo Museum of Science

5:30p – Arrival
6:00p – Presentation by Roger auditorium
7:00p – Party in a Flash (second floor), book signing, food, open bar, and live music by Bobby Lebel

This event is free. Registration is not required.

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    Good luck with the final touches on the book! It is a genuine contribution to the world of creativity.


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