Find out how a waffle inspired a billion-dollar business

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Spoiler alert: You may be wearing a pair!

What do you do when you run out of ideas and you need a breakthrough?

In one of my new online courses To create breakthroughs, make connections you will learn a simple technique that you can apply to ANY problem whenever you get stuck.

You will never be at a loss for new ideas again.

Check out the full lineup of courses on OpenSesame, or watch a sample 3-minute video.

Over the last year videographer, Dan Richardson and I have produced a nine-part series on innovation that is now on the OpenSesame eLearning platform.

In each short course, we use real-life examples from business, medicine, education, agriculture, product development, and nature. These lessons are sophisticated enough for the “C” suite yet practical enough for front-line workers.

Each lesson includes a 5-to-7-minute video and an “Extend Your Learning” component to help you innovate on demand.

Take a look at this 3-minute clip and find out how a waffle inspired a billion-dollar business.



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