I was honored to be able to provide the voice-over for the 50th-anniversary celebration animation video for the International Center for Studies in Creativity that debuted at the Creativity Expert Exchange conference at SUNY Buffalo State, October 13-15. Watch this video for a delightful and insightful look at how we are igniting creativity around the world. It is a great way to spend five minutes.


  1. Dan Greenberger

    Always love hearing the history of creative studies. And while I wasn’t part of the research that proved the efficacy of teaching creativity, I can attest from my own experience as a student that it is a game changer. Thanks to everyone at the Institute for carrying the torch.

  2. Anna Marie Sinatra

    Fantastic video Roger!!! It was awesome to see the progression of this work! Congratulations!!!Thank you for presenting this process at Unity of Buffalo so many years ago! It has made a huge impact in my life!!!


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