Innovate Constantly: Find out how

What do stampeding cows, waffle irons, tractors, heart doctors, farmers, flying drones, and pacemakers have in common?

They are all featured in my new video courses published through the OpenSesame learning platform! OpenSesame is the world’s largest elearning company, providing courses to educate and empower your workforce. I’m publishing a series of courses this year on innovation and Creative Problem-Solving.

Here’s the current lineup:


Why innovate?

When the rules change, creativity is king

This course illustrates the immense value of the ability to think creatively when faced with rapid or unprecedented change.

Creative thinking can make the difference between organizational success or disaster.

Using case studies from medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic and agricultural science, we will examine how to value ideas that are on the “fringe” of an industry or seem ahead of their time.


To get better ideas,

solve the real problem

In this course we will identify how the language we use to describe a problem will determine whether you solve the actual problem or just a symptom.

We will examine how redefining a problem led to a medical breakthrough that saved countless lives.  We’ll also explore how crucial it is to challenge our initial impression of a problem; because often what we think is our problem is NOT the problem.


To create breakthroughs,

make connections

Most breakthroughs come by connecting things that are not typically considered connected. In this course we will uncover how to make connections deliberately and create breakthrough ideas on demand.

We will see how a waffle iron led to a multi-billion-dollar business, how a traffic flasher inspired a life saving device and how to use a banana to improve a bathtub.

You will finish this program with a simple technique that you can apply to ANY problem to help you deliberately generate new ideas.

Stay tuned, five more video lessons are scheduled to be released later this year, including these three:


  • Botched brainstorming session? Here is the number one reason why;
  • To get good ideas generate lots of ideas: How to brainstorm to get breakthroughs
  • Solve the real problem and not just a symptom

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