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Hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

Video Transcript:

You have the answer, but you don’t know how to access the answer. You need to bring someone in from the outside who has a proven track record of solving these kinds of problems and then put in front of you a process a proven method that will walk you through so that you actually are the one coming up with the solutions–you’re developing the answers. But you are doing it an environment that actually guarantees that you are solving the right problem, not just a symptom, and generating really valuable ideas that you will actually implement.

Meet Erik Eustice, the President, CEO and Captain of the branding company “Of the Sea” in Buffalo, New York. Here is Erik’s story of how we began working together.

……I’m sitting down in a conference room with a client and at the end of the meeting one of them runs out of the room and runs back in the room with a book and of course this is your book and I see on the inside and so I take it home and I read it and I think “wow, this is amazing!…

what intrigued me about it I think was the idea that you could actually learn to be creative and do creativity intentionally where I think most people think creativity is this magic thing some have and others don’t. Being in business ourselves you know, I thought, “hey this is something that I’m not sure exactly how but I think this could make us better at what we do” so when I see something that I think can enhance what we do and provide more value for our clients like I’m totally into that

I think what opened us up to the potential of intentional creativity and understanding there’s actually a process for it and there’s rules around it, and when you live in that right space really magical things can happen.

How are you different as a result of working with me?

I’m definitely different as result of working with you, I used to come up with a few ideas and then just kind of pick from those and I realized I need to be generating more ideas: the more ideas I can generate the more we can generate as a team, the deeper we dig the better the ideas are. Also, I realized that I need to defer judgment–it’s kind of natural to want to think about all this might work, that might not work… You just have to get the ideas out because you never know: this idea might not be the winner, but it might inspire someone to think of something that leads to an idea that leads to an idea that is the winner! So you got to defer judgment and that’s something that I do a lot more now since working with you.

Creativity is important for my business because that’s what people are paying us for, right? Were an advertising agency, so they want to grow their business and they’re really good at what they do, but they don’t necessarily know how to tell their story.

Creativity is important for business because every business has a vision, something you’re trying to accomplish and sure enough as soon as you say you’re going to accomplish. All of these things are going to pop up–they’re going to get in your way and we call those “problems” okay? Creativity is important to solving the problems that are going to get in the way of you accomplishing your vision.

I’m Roger Firestien. Thanks for Watching.
Stay ahead of the herd. Get creative.



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