Creativity doesn’t have to be long or laborious.

People often sabotage or hinder their creativity, and it has a lot to do with how they define creativity and approach it. The good news is, creativity doesn’t have to be a long and laborious process, and if we define it right, exercise the creative side of our brains more, and give ourselves time to mull over ideas instead of jumping to judgment so quickly, all of us can be creative and come up with innovative ideas. Roger Firestien has just the tools to help us all get creative.

Creativity comes into play not just in the generation of ideas but also in the selection of ideas as well. Roger explains the importance of quantity in the idea generation stage, and how to select the best ideas to move forward and develop. He shares a useful tool to use when developing ideas: Pluses, Potentials, and Concerns, and really digs in with me to demonstrate how some of his tools can be implemented. We also discuss how to get to the root and find the REAL problem to solve, instead of getting distracted by the superficial one, and how to approach skeptics and conflict in a way that is healthy for innovation.

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