Joseph Jaffe Is Not Famous: Channeling the Power of Creativity

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Print + Podcasts | 0 comments

Understanding how to spark creative ideas, and how to apply those ideas to multiple areas, represents a key element of creativity.

It’s one that I discussed on an episode of Joseph Jaffe Is Not Famous. Problems are multi-faceted, so trying to always solve the daunting, long-term issue isn’t necessary when instead smaller, short-term solutions are available and eventually add up. 

As I said, “Creativity is the key to longevity,” because if you’re always creating something, always working on something new, it keeps you young. It keeps you engaged. It keeps you in tune with the Creative Problem Solving Process, teaching the world how to fall in love with your ideas, and channels the true power of creativity.

Sometimes you hit roadblocks, though. You’ll get antsy, and your writing will become stale. That’s when farm therapy becomes important, where I’ll work on the farm with my friend Phillip and allow my ideas to incubate — when ideas are put on the back-burner, begin to simmer, and become more concrete after returning from the farm, or wherever your spot for farm therapy is.


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