Learn To Be Innovative: Creating Breakthroughs in Your Organization

What does a doctor, a teacher, a government leader, an advertising executive, a priest, and a farmer all have in common? They are all using Creative Problem Solving to create breakthroughs. Take a look at this four-minute video. AND WATCH OUT FOR THE COWS.

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Creativity is in the Open Space

Creativity is in the Open Space

Don’t be afraid of the open space. Don’t worry about being bored. When you are bored, your imagination kicks in, and your brain goes to a creative place.

Innovate Constantly:  Find out how

Innovate Constantly: Find out how

What do stampeding cows, waffle irons, tractors, heart doctors, farmers, flying drones, and pacemakers have in common?They are all featured in my new video courses published through the OpenSesame learning platform! OpenSesame is the world's largest elearning company,...

Roger’s TEDx Omaha Talk

Roger’s TEDx Omaha Talk

Roger Firestien gave a talk at the virtual TEDx Omaha event on February 18, 2021
The theme of TEDx Omaha 2021 was IGNITE.

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Just as you follow a recipe to cook a great meal, there is a recipe to create great ideas. Create in a Flash is for leaders who know that in order to grow their organizations, they need to generate ideas and solutions on demand. With Flash, you’ll learn the recipe, why it works, and how to use it to be more effective and innovative in life and at work.

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