What does a doctor, a teacher, a government leader, an advertising executive, a priest, and a farmer all have in common? They are all using Creative Problem Solving to create breakthroughs. Take a look at this four-minute video. AND WATCH OUT FOR THE COWS.

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Drive a tractor. Get creative.

Can cows help you to become more creative? Read on to see how driving a tractor, or herding cattle can increase your creative productivity.

Have a Taste Before You Light Up

Want to sell your new idea? Give your customers a taste first. Lighting designer Philip Colarusso, owner of Luminated Landscapes, lights houses and landscapes. Phil has turned night landscapes into works of art throughout Western New York since 1989. He lit my friends...

Innovation in Fort Collins, CO

I was honored to deliver an Innovation Work Session at the Fort Collins, Colorado All Managers Meeting on October 4. Two hundred fifty leaders in Fort Collins government generated thousands of ideas to help the city maintain and sustain its innovative edge.

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