Lifewire: AI Can Write Songs, but Is It Creative?

Can AI replace human creativity?

When considering the creativity impact of AI, think of a human on an electric bike. You personally pedal the device, but the motor kicks in to assist along after you start. In an interview with Lifewire for its article about AI, its songwriting ability and whether it could ever replace creativity, I discussed how composers and the new technology could work in unison for finished products — but it doesn’t mean that AI is truly creative.

For example, Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Art of Fugue” is a mathematical song that goes places no other composer could reach. A formula like that, given to a computer and AI technology, could result in a plethora of songs with similar complexity. Despite these benefits, though, it’s still important to recognize the presence of natural creativity and the Creative Problem Solving process in songwriting.

“Does AI shave or sleep or walk?” I asked. “That’s where inspiration hits. Can AI replace human creativity? Composing is expressing inspiration, and I don’t know if AI can be inspired.”


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