The Firestien Family Creative Achievement Award

Creating New Opportunities


The Firestien Family established the Firestien Family Creative Achievement award in 2004 in honor of Roger’s father, Chuck.

This award recognizes Buffalo State University Creative Studies masters’ degree students who plan to apply their creativity expertise in their home countries. To date, family and friends have contributed over $50,000 to the award.

Award Recipients

Australian Flag

Paulina M. Larocca

Australian Flag

Pingling Wang

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Juliana Sanchez Trujillo

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Lilian Ortiz

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Dorte Neilsen

Australian Flag

Jose Pablo Alcazar Zamacona

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Hanne M. Bratsberg

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Ismet Mamnoon

Flag of Vietnam

Mattia Miani

Australian Flag
Daniel Richardson
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Caitlin J. Wingrove
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Kathy Sue Dorey
Australian Flag
Sarah B. Thurber
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Beth D. Slazak

Australian Flag
Najja Bouldin
Australian Flag

Jocelyn Tejeda

Australian Flag
Jessica Murfin
Australian Flag

Dianne Britain

Australian Flag

Tanya Knudsen

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Mirza N.A. Baig

Recipient Achievements

Let’s Create a Difference in the World

Dr. Firestien’s students are leaders contributing their creative skills in the following organizations:

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