What is Creative Problem Solving?

Many, many patents and countless medical devices that help people every day, trace back to a view of the world that you shared with me. Thank you for that gift.

Greg Pepe

Vice President, Engineering and New Product Development, Buffalo Filter

Innovation Work Session

Solve real problems. Learn creativity skills.

Four hours, up to 50 People

In this session, you will solve crucial challenges facing your organization by creating hundreds of ideas. You will then select the best of those ideas and develop the next steps to implement them. The challenges are determined by key decision makers and are identified BEFORE the meeting starts.

Participants receive targeted creativity skills training and then apply their newly acquired skills to solving the organizational challenges.

Leading on The Creative Edge

Solve real problems. Learn creativity skills.

2 days, up to 24 People

In this program participants apply the entire Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process to real challenges that they bring to the program. First, we establish a goal or vision of what you want to create. You then identify all the blocks that are preventing you from accomplishing it and then, in a very short period of time you generate hundreds of ideas to overcome those blocks. You pick the best of those ideas to create a plan that assures your success.

Based on Dr. Firestien’s 40 years of experience in the creativity field, you will apply the most dependable creativity tools that solve 95% of the challenges you might encounter. You won’t be bothered by cute creativity tricks.

Leading on The Creative Edge

Learn the Creative Problem Solving Process. Apply it to ANY challenge.

2 days, up to 24 People

Breakthrough Lab

Create disruptive and incremental ideas for products or services.

One day, 8 to 15 people

The output of a Breakthrough Lab is many incremental and disruptive ideas for new products or new services. After ideas are generated, next-steps are developed to implement those new insights.

When these sessions are conducted in the Western New York area, we often add a number of Creative Catalysts to the session. Creative Catalysts are individuals who are highly trained in Creative Problem Solving and successful in their specific fields of business, education, arts or government. Creative Catalysts generate new ideas that lead to breakthrough solutions.

We conduct our Breakthrough Labs at The Space Between: The Complex Brain Complex.

Leading On The Creative Edge

One hour keynote address

Create new ideas on demand so that you can Lead on the Creative Edge.

up to 3,000 people

Creativity isn’t some mysterious ability that only a few people possess. Creativity is a skill. Just like you learned to ride a bicycle, you can learn how to be creative. You can turn on your creativity at will instead of waiting for ideas to happen.

Whether you lead a multimillion dollar corporation, chair a volunteer group, teach in a classroom, pastor a church, or direct a non-profit organization, this highly interactive experience will give you the tools you need to take your innovation and leadership to the creative edge.

Leading On The Creative Edge

One hour keynote address

Create new ideas on demand so that you can Lead on the Creative Edge.

up to 3,000 people

Leading on the Creative Edge

Leading Innovation Teams

Train your own CPS Facilitators so that you don’t have to call Roger.

Three days, 7 to 14 people

Leading Innovation Teams builds on the Two-Day Leading on the Creative Edge program. It is designed to train individuals to be facilitators of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. It is for organizations that want to infuse creativity throughout the entire company.

Creating Your Future: Custom Designed Visioning and Strategy Planning

Design your future so that you move beyond the day-to-day tactics that keep you in the past.

This is a total organizational initiative that is designed to create a long-term vision for the organization. The results of this initiative include a strategic direction with measurable goals and contingency scenarios for implementing outcomes from visioning work that is conducted throughout the entire organization. It also includes a stakeholder map and an influence strategy to gain buy-in and active commitment from key stakeholders with check points to ensure success at each step of the plan.

Creating Your Future: Custom Designed Visioning and Strategy Planning

Design your future so that you move beyond the day-to-day tactics that keep you in the past.

Client Case Studies

Western New York Economic Development Council Meeting Facilitation wins One Billion Dollars for Economic Development

Buffalo Billion

Dr. Firestien, serving as an Innovation Consultant, along with alumni of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State developed and facilitated strategy sessions for the Western New York Economic Development Council.

The strategies for growth and collaboration that resulted from these sessions were used to create a plan that resulted in New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration awarding Buffalo and Western New York one billion dollars for economic development.

“The support and guidance you provided to the council were invaluable to the success of this transformative process. Your dedication to the initiative was truly impressive and will continue to drive New York forward. I look forward to continuing our work together to make New York the Empire State once again.” Andrew M.Cuomo

$1.50 Solution Solves a $40,000 a Week Problem

General Motors - Dr Roger Firestien

After attending one of Dr. Roger Firestien's classes at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State, Austin Saccia Administrator for Personnel and Safety, facilitated a Creative Problem Solving session with employees at the General Motors Saginaw Division Forge plant in Tonawanda, New York. The employees set their sights on finding a way to prevent the ring gears made at their plant from sticking in and breaking dies during production – a problem that was costing the plant thousands per week. While brainstorming, one teammate suggested using the cooking product PAM to prevent the sticking and another participant quickly built on the idea. The result: Using a $1.00 spray bottle and fifty cents worth of solutions, plant operators now spray the dies before making ring gears to prevent sticking and the plant saves as much as $40,000 weekly.

Nathan Bliss
U.A.W. Problem Solving Training Coordinator, General Motors Saginaw Division Forge Plant
Austin Saccia
Administrator for Personnel and Safety, General Motors Saginaw Division Forge Plant

Solves a 77-Year-Old Consumer Complaint Problem

Clorox - Roger Firestien

Chemist Mike Fryan once solved a vexing 77-year old consumer problem by using ideas he picked up in a Creative Problem Solving session conducted by Roger Firestien. For more than seven decades scientists at Clorox had tried and failed to fix a glitch that generated more than 50 percent of all consumer complaints on a popular product. Mike and his colleagues spent more than a man-year trying to find their own solutions - until Mike decided to apply a lesson learned in the CPS session and challenged the accepted problem statement. In fifteen minutes he set up a crude experiment which, in two weeks gave him the answer he and the company had pursued for so long.

Develops World Class Products and Saves $1/2 Million a Year

Mead Paper - Dr Roger Firestien

When first asked by a key customer to supply paper that was 95% bright. Mead said, “We simply can’t do it.” In fact, Mead struggled for years to enhance the brightness of its papers without success. Invigorated by one of Dr. Roger Firestien's creativity workshops, sponsored by Senior Research Scientist, Dave Newcomer, Mead assembled a team to tackle the problem. The result: the team improved the brightness of Mead’s paper, developed a new world-class line of products superior to any of Mead’s competitors, and came up with a new process that saves more than $1/2 million per year.

Saves $22,000 The First Day After Training

Newsday - Dr Roger Firestien

Pat Troy, Training Project Manager at Newsday, after attending one of Roger Firestien's Creative Problem Solving facilitation courses, lead a Creative Problem Solving session for the paper’s production department. The group eventually decided to focus on how to develop a system to check the paper for accuracy before it is released. That afternoon, the production team went back to the composing room and created a comprehensive checklist. By using the list, that very night, the team caught an error in a full-page color advertisement that would have cost $22,000 to fix.

Thirty-Five Hundred People Trained In Creativity

Mazda - Dr Roger Firestien

So far over 3,500 of our people have been trained in the "Breakthrough to New Ideas" seminar Roger developed for us. This program enables our employees to use their creative insights in everyday work activities to fulfill the company's philosophy of constant improvement, or Kaizen.

Kenneth J. Kumiega
Director, Training and Development

Breakthrough Creates OFF ® Mosquito Lamp

SC Johnson

You’re sitting on your patio on a luscious summer night…crickets are singing, outdoor torches are creating the perfect ambience…and SLAP! Your reverie is zapped short by the mosquito you’ve just had to squash as it went in for the kill on your neck. This was the pesky problem Mike Fryan wanted to solve for customers of his company’s already popular insect repellent products. Obvious solutions weren’t working, but when Mike, Section Manager for Home Cleaning and New Products at S.C. Johnson, participated in Dr. Roger Firestien’s Leading on the Creative Edge seminar, he came away with Creative Problem Solving techniques that led him and his team to a breakthrough. By rephrasing the problem and combining already existing products and technologies in new ways, the new OFF! ® Mosquito Lamp was born. The team’s ongoing efforts to making creativity techniques a way of life have also led to shortened product development cycles and many additional patent filings for S.C. Johnson.

Increases Circulation and Advertising Revenue

Outdoor Life - Dr Roger Firestien

When Todd Smith took the helm at Outdoor Life magazine the publication boasted a proud heritage… but a troubled bottom line. Prior to his arrival, a failed attempt to reposition the magazine from its traditional hunting and fishing roots to a more general sporting focus had eroded circulation and damaged profits. Using principles of Creative Problem Solving, that employees had learned in one of Dr. Roger Firestien's seminars, Todd re-energized the magazine and within a year and a half subscriptions rose 30 percent, newsstand sell-through jumped 37 percent, and both circulation and advertising revenue sharply increased.

Execution of Crucial Change Management Activities

At the United States Treasury we have successfully used Roger’s facilitation services and techniques over a course of the past two-years to facilitate a massive transformation in human resources services delivery. Roger has been instrumental in planning for and ensuring execution of crucial change management activities. His approach brings out the best in class participants, both as individuals as well as through an amazing-to-behold group synergy.

Todd H. Turner
Director, Office of HR Enterprise Solutions
United States Department of the Treasury

Los Angeles Times sets their vision for the future.

Los Angeles Times - Roger Firestien

I am very impressed with your approaches to creativity and innovation. The feedback from the Executive Leadership Institute and Leadership Institute for Managers participants and the changes in how they solve problems is exciting and overwhelmingly positive. It was on this track record, that I asked you to facilitate the strategic planning session for the Los Angeles Times senior management team and the company-wide development of our vision. You inspired us!
The processes you introduced, which were fact based yet open enough for us to conceptualize our future, were the most important determinant in our success. The sessions were not "yet another meeting," rather they were energizing, motivating and fun. Thank you for making us a better newspaper! You are masterful.

Kathryn M. Downing
President and Chief Executive Officer

Vision Defines Our Parish and It's Future

St. Joseph's University Parish

"We have used the vision statement both with parish leadership, regularly referring to it at Parish Council and Parish Staff Meetings. We have also used the vision statement at our New Parishioner Orientation Sessions to articulate for new members in a precise and concise manner as to who we are and what we are about as a faith community. It defines with clarity and dynamism our parish and its future."

Father Jack Ledwon, Ph.D.
Pastor St. Joseph University Parish
Buffalo, New York

Created The Gold Standard of Creativity Training for Clorox

Clorox - Dr Roger Firestien

Roger Firestien is the "Gold Standard" of creativity training. He has changed the way our whole workforce looks at problems. Creativity doesn't have to be a mystery. Roger Firestien give you practical methods to unleash your creative power.

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