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Creativity isn’t some mysterious ability that only a few people possess. Creativity is a skill. Just like you learned to ride a bicycle, you can learn how to be creative. You can turn on your creativity at will instead of waiting for ideas to happen.

From a one-hour key note address designed to ignite the creativity of a large group to one-half day or multiple day programs you will learn the Creative Problem Solving process and how to apply it in order to solve actual challenges you face in your professional or personal life.

Let’s Create A Breakthrough

Creative solutions do exist within your organization. Because nobody knows your organization and the challenges you face better than you and your co-workers, Roger works with you and your group to help you unleash those creative answers. The focus of this program is to create breakthroughs, solve the problem and help you get “unstuck” so that you can move forward.

Roger can come to you, or if you are in the Western New York area, we often add a number of Creative Catalysts to your Idea Lab. Creative Catalysts are individuals who are highly trained in Creative Problem Solving and successful in their specific fields of business, education, arts or government. Creative Catalysts generate new ideas that lead to breakthrough solutions. We conduct our Idea Labs at Space Between: The Complex Brain Complex.

Let’s Create The Future

The difference between the winners and the “also ran” are the visions and powerful images they create about their future. This is true in athletics and it is even more important in business.

Design your future or the future of your company. This session will help you take the long view for your future to move beyond the day-to-day tactics that may keep you in the past.

Roger Firestien - Creative Problem Solving

Let’s Create Something Amazing

Didn’t see quite what you are looking for? Contact me and let us custom design a program that helps you create something amazing.

Want to see who has used customized programs to create something amazing?

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