Forbes: 5 Strategies For Becoming More Creative Fast, Backed By Science

by | May 21, 2020 | Print + Podcasts | 0 comments

Exploration is part of the creative process.

Some strategies that I suggest for inspiring creativity include warming up, forcing connections, generating and refining your ideas, driving a tractor, and capturing it. Just as an athlete stretches before a game, it’s important to do the same for creative thinking. Ponder out-of-the-box questions that require open-minded thinking and also train the group for the creative process at the same time. From there, those different, unrelated ideas help the other steps fall into place — although the thoughts may come to you when you least expect them, and in locations away from the work office.

“Oftentimes, I’m out on a tractor working in a field mowing, or something like that, and that gives you a chance to just kind of let those ideas begin to bubble up and surface.”

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