StrategyDriven: 5 Ways To Get Creative While Working From Home

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Find or construct your creative space.

If you’re ever trying to find a creative space — the spot where your best work is done — think of locations where you said, “I could really do some great work here.” Artists and musicians have studios, crafts people have workshops, professors and pastors have studies, and scientists have laboratories. But many times, that creative spot is at home. When I’m not teaching a class at the university or speaking, I’m working from my home office.

Here are five methods that I find helpful when working from home:

  1. Finding my creative space
  2. Finding my creative time
  3. Take breaks and naps
  4. Letting incubation work for me
  5. Force connections

Working from home is providing many folks a brand-new opportunity to find a creative time that works best for them. Over the last few months, some people have experienced this for the first time. If you’re able, lean into the schedule that works best for you and your creative output. And when you can’t think of creative ideas, use forced connections — a practice of combining ideas that don’t appear to be related in a new way.

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