Let’s take a break from the virus and go to the farm

In the past month, I’ve seen other consultants help businesses transition their technology to meet our new distancing challenges.

I have heard motivational speakers saying that this “could be the best time of our lives.”

I’m thrilled to see innovative approaches left and right. Businesses and individuals are applying creativity to get through. Yet, I have held back from pushing out creativity advice to address this difficult time.

Make no mistake, I think it’s more relevant than ever. But right now, the most important thing we can do together is follow instructions. Trust the scientists and experts who have devoted their lives to studying and dealing with pandemics like this. Stay home. Wash your hands. Keep your social distance.

So, instead of “4 Things You Need to Do to Be More Creative,” or “How to Be Creative During the Coronavirus,” I want to take you on an eight-minute vacation to one of my favorite places, the farm.

Farmers are a perfect example of a business owner who “works from home.” Farmers have a very special relationship with the land. It is their home. Farmers are some of the most creative people I know and the farm is a place where the realities of life and death are a daily rhythm. Not unlike life for many right now.

Here you will find a video that videographer Dan Richardson and I recently produced for my friends at the SK Herefords Farm near Medina, NY. The farm recently won the New York State Award for Environmental Stewardship.

I have this video on my desktop and it is a real comfort for me during this time. I watch it regularly. I think you will enjoy it to… and it might make you want to be a farmer.

Take 8 minutes and enjoy.

During this time, give yourself permission to take that necessary break. Let yourself step back from the turbulence and tragedy that our world is facing and take care of yourself. Give yourself a creative break. And encourage the people around you to take a creative break also. We all need to be restored and refreshed during these times.

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