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Some parts of this edition of Innovation Espresso® might look familiar. That’s because it is.

Last month I announced my free online course on facilitating the Creative Problem-Solving process.

I am sure that some of you might not have seen it.

I believe the skills in this course are extremely important in our world right now, so I wanted to tell you about it again.

I have been involved in the creativity field for over 40 years and I have come to believe that Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to deal with change. This is particularly important as we enter this new year and deal with all of the challenges and changes of working in a world redefined by this global pandemic.

As I mentioned in December, people have used CPS to invent new products, save millions of dollars, effect social change and even save lives. What could be more important right now than having these creative skills?

The course consists of 20 short videos and 11 downloadable PDF worksheets. All free. 

Working with an actual client on a real problem, I’ll guide you through the entire Creative Problem-Solving process, from identifying an initial goal to developing specific action plans.

The videos and PDFs were originally designed to accompany my book, Create in a Flash: A leader’s recipe for breakthrough innovation.

However, I soon discovered that my colleagues at the Center For Applied Imagination at SUNY Buffalo State and other universities were using them in their online classes.

“…your online course. It is excellent! What a great resource for people…and thank you for making it free and available. “

John McCarthy, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Counseling, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Students are demanding more from their investment in education.

As a professor and as a consultant, Dr. Firestien’s online course lets me “flip” my courses so that my students learn more efficiently. Students watch the videos before class, then I am able to skip much of the initial explanation of concepts in class and I can devote more time to individualized instruction.

The Creative Problem-Solving process tools are clearly demonstrated and as a result, they boost students’ confidence to try them in group settings. Thank you for this fantastic resource!


John F. Cabra, PhD.
Professor, Creativity and Change Leadership
Center for Applied Imagination, SUNY Buffalo State
Fulbright Scholar
President – Institute for Myanmar United

The military, leading corporations, top consultants and trainers  are also using this course because it demonstrates how to actually facilitate the Creative Problem-Solving process and provides support materials to continue the learning.

So, why is this free?

In November I turned 65 years old.  I have been richly blessed in my life. And as I reflect back, I feel very grateful that I have been able to do this work.

This is my gift of my work to the world because I want high quality, research-validated material available to everyone.

This is not a limited time offer.  You can access this course at any time for FREE.

Of course, I’ll be delighted if it piques your interest in my book, Create in a Flash, but you don’t need to buy the book to get access to these FREE videos and PDFs that will help you unleash your team’s creative power.

I would like to close this edition of Innovation Espresso® with a proverb from Ghana that I love, “The poorest person in the world is not the one without money, but the one without vision.”

I hope you can use this free Creative Problem-Solving course to make your vision your reality.

Happy 2021.

Find the course here anytime. Start whenever you like. 

*photo courtesy of the City of Fort Collins, Colorado

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