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Video: Innovation in Business with Erik Eustice

You have the answer, but you don’t know how to access the answer. You need to bring someone in from the outside who has a proven track record of solving these kinds of problems.

Innovation in the Church with Father Jack Ledwon hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

Meet Father Jack Ledwon, Pastor at St. Joseph University Parish in Buffalo New York. Several years ago, my graduate students and I worked with St. Joseph University Parish to help them craft a vision for their future. We worked with the Parish leadership team and then conducted a series of town hall meetings with members of the congregation.

Video: Innovation in Agriculture with SK Herefords hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

Creativity is desperately needed in agriculture. There’s too much of this of the wine cellar mentality always whining about complaining about too hot too cold out. No no no no. Stop the complaining. Let’s focus on solutions. Let’s be creative. That’s what makes things work. So, it could be used on every farm in this country.

Innovation In Medicine with Dr. Robert Gatewood

Meet Dr. Robert Gatewood. Robert is board certified in Cardiovascular Diseases and Internal Medicine, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo; author of more than 50 presentations and co-author of two books. Dr. Gatewood took one of my Creativity courses at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State.

Innovation in Economic Development with Jane Fischer hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

Meet Jane Fischer. Jane is Chair of the Local Economic Development Initiative of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation in Dunkirk, New York. Jane hired me to lead a Creative Problem Solving workshop with about 100 members of the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation Local Economic Development Initiative at their annual summit.

Video: Innovation in Education with Mary Bennett hosted by Dr. Roger Firestien

Meet Mary Bennett unit director of the Summit Academy in Amherst, New York. Mary took one of my Creativity courses at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo state and was then instrumental in bringing me into the school to infuse Creative Problem Solving methods into the organization.

Never Run Out of Ideas with Dr. Roger Firestien from Disrupt HR

Creativity isn’t some mysterious ability that only a few people possess. Creativity is a skill. Just like you learned to ride a bicycle, you can learn how to be creative. You can turn on your creativity at will instead of waiting for ideas to happen.

VIDEO: Applying Creativity and Innovation to Community and Economic Development

Dr. Roger Firestien, Innovation Consultant – Keynote address at Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation Economic Development Summit, May 2017. Creativity and Innovation isn’t just for corporations. It is for anyone looking to improve their community—whether in business, government, nonprofits, or education.

VIDEO: DISRUPT HR – Buffalo New York – Roger Firestien

This program took the audience of the Disrupt HR community on a five-minute innovation “excursion” that was designed to help them come up with new ideas for solving a problem that was confronting them. Try it. Watch the video and take a five-minute creativity...

Igniting Creativity Around the World

I was honored to be able to provide the voice-over for the 50th-anniversary celebration animation video for the International Center for Studies in Creativity that debuted at the Creativity Expert Exchange conference at SUNY Buffalo State, October 13-15. Watch this...

What is Creative Problem Solving?

The Creative Problem Solving process that we use is not new but has been tested, validated and refined over the last 60 years. It is the most researched and applied Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process in the world.

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