OpenSesame: Do you want your entire organization to be creative?

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Don’t play flavor of the month.

Do you want your entire organization to be creative? As a leader, you should want that. When you are instilling innovation practices in your organization, don’t force people through some lock-step method, or overwhelm them with creativity tools just because they are cool or fun. Your people want to solve problems more effectively, they don’t want to become creative process junkies.

Here are three lessons from someone who has been doing it for forty years, as I wrote in a guest post for OpenSesame.

  1.  Invest in your core principles for the sake of your employees, your product and your customers
  2.  Stick with it
  3. Keep it simple

BONUS: Walk the talk. As a leader, if you believe creativity is important, then you have to be creative. Your people will watch your lead, they will follow it, and your organization and its output will be stronger for your willingness to lead by example.

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