JD Meier: How To Warm Up Your Creativity for Better Innovation

Brainwriting sets your ideas free.

By warming up the creative mind, you’re able to think more freely and in turn develop more innovative ideas. Those exercises are often silly and may seem unnecessary, but the warm-up questions will help with stretching your imagination and, most importantly, deferring judgement — two items that need to happen while generating ideas, too.

Many times, these pre-process questions are ones that begin with “How to” or “How might,” and should have specific number goals set (25 ideas) for a certain amount of time (five minutes). Here are three possible warm-up questions that could be used:


  • What might be all the ways to improve a refrigerator?
  • How to get a hippopotamus out of a bathtub?
  • What might you do with ten tons of orange Jell-O?


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